WRETCH LIKE ME - New Ways To Fall - Some guys from the C/Z band MY NAME, some from the Cruz band Goodbye Harry, and some from the Washington bands Upspun and Spontaneous Funk Whorehouse. Five man wreckin' machine based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

THE BLASTING ROOM COMPILATION - ALL/Descendents have their own studio called the Blasting Room and we will be releasing a comp. of bands that have made a mess there. Unreleased stuff from: ALL, Descendents, Mustard Plug, Hagfish, Lemons, Shades Apart, Wretch Like Me and others.

BILL THE WELDER - Legendary roadie Daniel "Bug" Snow has laid down a bunch of songs and we will make everyone listen to them, ha ha!

DRAG THE RIVER - Chad (ALL's singer) and Jon Snodgrass from Cargo Record's Armchair Martian will sing a bunch of sad songs for you.

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