We crawled from the burning wreckage of a bunch of bands that nobody ever heard of and formed a five piece monstrosity, basing it out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dissension rippled through our ranks immediately as we tried to settle on a name. Finally, after weeks of heated arguments resulting from the ridiculing of each others' proposed monickers, an uninvolved party (friend) suggested the name "Wretch Like Me" garnered from the hymn "Amazing Grace". Agreement ensued, and with that we resumed the business of making music.

Though difficult to describe how a band sounds, especially one's own band using one's own words, I will hazard this: the drums are heavy and tight, the bass busy and ferocious, the guitars snarling and seamless and the singer (that's me) is very intent on delivering a passionate message via equal parts melody, attitude and humor.

I think we sound pretty good so far, but wait...

The music itself is all at once loud and fast, heavy and hard, wide and thick; it tears into you, like wind on an open sea, abrasive and slamming, then effortlessly downshifts, corkscrewing, insidiously infiltrating melodies into your brain that remain long after you stop listening to the band.

Oh, and it gets better...

Some of our musical influences we wear on our sleeves; there is a heavy early to mid SST vibe going on in our sound. Other inspirations you would never guess in a billion years, but it's all there along with our own inimitable signature coalesced into an atom bomb of a sound.

At this point you probably think that we think we're as serious as Armageddon and out to change people's lives or end them, but then you couldn't know about the underlying element of the ridiculous that is at once our bane as well as our saving grace. This is not to say that we are not the infernal machine of destruction I have described; I assure you that ours is an unrelenting endeavor with seriousness of intent. However, you may be relieved to find that it is the music and not ourselves which we take seriously. We are indeed World War III, but with a clown pushing the button.

-- Abe Brennan

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